Website Hosting and WordPress Setup (Step by Step Part 4)

Now we know about how google works, selecting a good keyword and how to find expired domains to build up a private blog network, it is time to understand how to actually build a website and install/ set up WordPress.


Selecting Hosting

When selecting hosting for your money site, you want to make sure that you are on hosting that is highly available and not too slow. i have put together a review of some of the hosts I have used in the past, which should be of some help. Remember – We all shouldn’t use the same hosting for our money sites. That is a big red flag for Google. So when you decided on a money site, but sure to register it and then note where you plan on hosting it in the forum, that way we can all ensure we don’t use the same host (at most there should be only 2 people per host0.

The main thing that you need to remember is that Google likes to see links coming and going from as many different places as possible. If all the links are coming from the same neighborhood and going to the same neighborhood, then that is a big red flag and Google will destroy us.

The next big thing to do, is ensure that your hosting is in the country you are wanting to rank in. So if you want to rank in the USA, choose hosting in the USA. If you want to rank in Australia, choose hosting in Australia. As we are targeting Amazon niches, USA hosting will be your best bet.


PBN / Expired Domain Hosting

When it comes to the PBN that we are creating, we really want to get our domains spread across as many different hosting providers as possible. This will allow for a good spread of IP addresses linking to our money sites. Please do not use free providers with your sites, it will cause more headaches than it is worth. The sites need to be up, but they don’t have to be fast, so any cheap hosting should do.

Again, as soon as you get an expired domain and you are looking to host it, make sure to enter the details of the domain and hosting in the forum. That way others can ensure they don’t use the same provider.

I know it sounds a bit pedantic, but it really does make a massive difference to your rankings.


Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is easy. Watch this video below (


Part 5 will talk about setting up your money site

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