The Rules

Because we have a few people involved, we will each be required to purchase 5 expired domains meeting the following minimum metrics:

  • 3 expired domains x PR2 or greater, and with a Domain Authority of 30 or more.
  • 2 expired domains x PR1 or greater, and with a Domain Authority of 20 or more.

Once everyone has their expired domains all registered and in their control, they need to be filled out to look like real websites or blogs. Each one needs it own look and feel and should be unique.

Everyone will then need to create a user account within WordPress for themselves as the admin and also another editor account for everyone to post their articles to the site. The editor account details should be sent to each member of the team.

Everyone only gets 2 posts per PBN site, this helps to keep everything fair and preserve the flow of juice to each persons website. The posts to money sites will live on the homepage. If you want to do more back linking on the PBN, please do so on your own expired domains and also only post to the blog page – not the homepage. If you need help with this, please ask me.

Each post shall have a maximum of 2 links to your website and 1 link to an authority site, although you don’t have to link twice to your site or to an authority, they are just the maximum amounts.

Only post once per expired domain per money site. That means that for you to use up both of your posts per site, you will need 2 money sites. I suggest getting 1 up and running first, then once you understand what you are doing, do a 2nd one.

No one is allowed to steal anyone else’s niche. This network is built on trust, and so it will only work if we all trust each other. If one person happens to be making a killing, then that’s great – let’s learn from them and see how we can emulate their success – don’t steal the keyword.

This network is a bit like fight club, don’t talk about the network with your friends. Don’t tell them about the niches we discuss and certainly don’t leave any obvious footprints like having your money site on the same hosting as your PBN sites. The whole reason why this works is because no one outside the group knows what we are doing, and even if they did, they don’t know what niches we are targeting or what our PBN URL’s are. The only people with the information are the people inside the circle of trust.

The entire idea is for everyone to make money. Now some people will make more than others, that’s almost just luck of the draw, and it is also why I suggested we each do 2 money sites and tackle different niches. I’m not guaranteeing that we will all make money, but I have a very high degree of confidence that if you follow what we I discuss on this website, you will do well.

In total I expect that there will be 30 domains in the PBN (6 people x 5 expired domains each = 30 sites). This means that each site will have at least 30 unique domains pointing to their money site with home page links. That is an enormous amount of power, so I suspect we will be able to smash most niches we are targeting.  Once everyone gets confident and starts seeing the money rolling in, we can expand and start hitting some more difficult, but profitable niches.

If anyone doesn’t want to follow the rules set out above, then you will be banned from the group and you will not be readmitted. You have been warned.

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